Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth Burns

With a creative style featuring mostly natural light photography, Elizabeth Burns incorporates hints of illustrative and photojournalism tactics giving her photography a signature look. Candid portraiture means the most to this Gem City photographer, but a good pose can really make the shot, she says.

Combining natural talent with a Dean’s List-worthy student mentality, this self-taught photographer wows her clients with an educated, yet casual approach. Podcasts and webinars are important to her curriculum, keeping this social butterfly active online.

Copyright Elizabeth Burns Photography

From an unsure start in the industry to passionate focus, Elizabeth knows a thing or two about taking your dreams seriously and taking the dive into entrepreneurship. Having recently established a strong focus on her photography business, this stay-at-home mom has found a way to make her passion her career, and giving it so much more meaning. Early clients and family members have always encouraged Elizabeth to pursue her talents, especially for wedding photography.

“My husband, Ryan, is the one who actually got me hooked on photography. When we were dating, he bought a Canon 40D and the picture quality compared to my point n’ shoot was remarkable. So like the wonderful boyfriend and now husband that he is, he found a great deal on a Canon XSi for me.” Elizabeth explains, “We took our cameras on so many vacations before having children and that is where I fell in love with photography. We’ve since graduated to a full frame camera, but our first cameras would always have a special place in my heart.”

Like many Dayton natives, Elizabeth finds solstice in nature.

“We live in the country now on a few acres and I grew up in the country. Living out here reminds me to experience the natural elements of our world. That is what I love about photographing in natural light around Dayton. Photographing my clients has brought me back to an exploring mindset that we encourage in our children, but often forget to engage in as adults. Enjoying the scenery around you lifts your mood and spirits on the worst of days.” She explains.

When it comes to her local ties, Elizabeth has found connecting with local creatives to spark new creative interest. Entrepreneurs like Elizabeth continue to develop partnerships, and she’s anticipating many new ways to showcase the wonderful work happening in Dayton. For her clients future and present, Elizabeth will be offering engagement and wedding packages in 2017, as well as maternity and newborn packages.

Copyright Elizabeth Burns Photography

Her creative process is one all her own. She makes an effort to get to know her clients to make it possible to capture their essence while she photographs them. Before the session, she sends out multiple questionnaires catered to each type of photography session offered. One of her favorite tricks is done via text:

“One of my favorite aspects is styling their session. Many of my clients now text or email me a picture of their outfits in advance. I love this for three reasons…,” She explains:

1. I can suggest any changes they may want to make to their wardrobe well before their session even takes place. No more last minute wardrobe changes at the session that stress out the clients or even worse is if the client doesn’t like their final product because of how their outfits looked in their pictures.

2. This gets my clients more relaxed and excited about their session!

3. I’m even more excited about their session! I can plan their session much better if I know what they’ll be wearing. This is especially important for senior and engagement sessions.

Copyright Elizabeth Burns Photography

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