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Vendor Spotlight: Pink with Envy Events

Meet a trio of communication and marketing mavens, collectively forming one of the most prestige event planning businesses in Dayton and beyond.

With over eight years experience and a well-versed stack of degrees including two in marketing, a communication degree, as well as three masters, this team’s professional experience and education ensures every detail is as meticulous as it is meaningful. Each member of this dream-making collective has certification from the Association of Bridal Consultants establishing a heightened repertoire in their market. The ladies enhance their creative skills through floral design classes, cake decorating classes and even photography lessons.

Their ability to take their client’s vision and make it a reality truly shines through in the photos of each event’s photographer. During their time as event planners, Pink with Envy has earned an impressive portfolio. Be sure to review their entire portfolio on their site!

Sarah Babcock Studio
Photo copyright Sarah Babcock Studio

The localized specialty of this trio allows them to execute their to the bride’s unique vision with the help of venues, bakeries and other local businesses all over Ohio – who wouldn’t love a little hometown comfort and connection on their big day? Local brides can connect with professional, creative talent while making her most important memories close to home.
One of the most comforting aspects of working with Pink with Envy Events, is that as a client, you work with three planners – giving you three times the assistance and attention to detail.

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“When we do an initial meeting with a client, we can usually tell right away who is going to end up the lead planner on that event based on stylistic similarities.” co-owner Brooke Johnson Leppla M.Ed. explains. “You can tell a lot about what kind of vibe a client is going for by the vendors and venues they are attracted to.”

Photo copyright The Brauns Photography

This allows the team to flawlessly execute the design of each event while expressing their professional and creative talents.

According to Brooke, Dayton’s sense of community truly allows their creative side to shine.
When we all work together to uplift our industries we all benefit and we all end up furthering our businesses. We know many vendors that refer each other when they are booked or feel the other is a better fit. We truly believe by working together there is enough business for all of us out there. Some of the best referrals we have received have been from our competitors.” She explains.

Bringing a fresh vision and energizing spirit to the area, Pink with Envy Events represents a trending culture in Dayton.

Photo copyright The Brauns Photography

“The fact that Dayton is really fostering a spirit of growth right now is inspiring in itself. The fact that our community is supporting small business, entrepreneurs and trying to attract new talents is an excellent motivation to keep going and to keep contributing to our Dayton community!” Brooke says.

As our region continues to grow, let’s celebrate these incredible people and their ability to help us make our dreams come true. Follow Pink with Envy Events on Instagram, Like their Facebook page, and inquire about your service interest here.