Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Parisi Images


Sarah Parisi Dowlin, a Cincinnati-based photographer with over a decade of experience photographing weddings, uses her artistic education and photojournalism style to candidly capture unforgettable memories. Her roots in photography are truly authentic; her first attempts at photography included film and a dark room.

Her education and skill remain a developmental priority for this artist, who has continued educating herself post-grad with online tutorials, in particular those by Susan Stripling. Though it is time and experience, particularly second shooting, that has allowed her to grow as a photographer.

“I second shoot for several area photographers as a way to expand my knowledge and skills in a fun and collaborative manner.” Sarah says. She is currently focused on perfecting her lighting technique, which she hopes will take her work to the next level.


During her time as a wedding photographer, Sarah has been able to create and capture memories with each couple. From a groom who gifted her in NYU swag (an employer of her #DreamSchool) to her first South Asian ceremony, each client holds a special place in her heart, as well as her resume.

“I want couples to undertand that their story, just the way it is, is perfect and beautiful. To this end, I work to create candid, uncontrived moments that document a true sense of relationship—not just between couple, but also between the bride and groom’s family and friends.” Sarah says.

This Dayton native returned to the area just a few years ago, and has since been inspired by the welcoming nature of the creative community.

“Having developed much of my photography career outside of Dayton, it’s inspiring to be back in a place that I remember as a child but that is still so fresh for me as viewed through a camera.” Sarah explains.


Sarah expresses a positive energy when discussing on the outlook of her business, one that has already given her so much. “I love how this business helps me connect with my community and my world in such a unique and life-giving way.” Sarah says.

To get in touch with Sarah and see her portfolio, visit her website. Be sure to also like her Facebook page, and follow along on Instagram.



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